a creative music program that inspires students to grow as musicians, composers, and performers


Composition is a unique and important part of Piano Summer Workshop. Students have the opportunity to apply music theory to create original music. Students compose and work with guest violinists, cellists, flutists and more. Click here to listen to some of our student compositions.

Here are our composition guides to get you started!


  • Write a piece for a solo instrument with a lyrical (pretty) melody, using special techniques from the composition guides.
  • Write a piece for two instruments. Which instruments would sound good together?
  • Use different ranges of the instrument. High - Medium - Low.

More music for thought:

  • Will your piece be fast, slow, or can it be both?
  • If using more than one instrument, have the instruments imitate each other.
  • Use special techniques such as pizzicato (plucking the string) and glissando (sliding one note up to another).
  • Don't forget about articulation (how your notes are played) and dynamics (loud, soft, in between).